Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heavy, Heavier, Heaviest


I'm almost finished mounting my heavy weapons teams on 60mm bases. Note the three unfinished ones in the back.
Rogue Trader era heavy weapons team. The 'helper' was originally a medic.

These guys can be added to my Valhallan squad but may find themselves in a heavy weapons squad.
Same Valhallan base, just from the rear.
That heavy bolter was scavenged from an old Imperial Robot. Kinda wish I still had the robot.

These guys are part of a command squad. 
This might be my favorite.


My "baby"
I've still got a Leman Russ and a Chimera on sprue, but I'm thinking I want to build something a little less vanilla with at least the Leman Russ.  I'm not sure which of the variants is coolest. I would hope none are "best".  Another plain Chimera would probably be handy, and I may put that together next.

I've got a couple more 60mm bases to transfer heavy weapons to, but I'm not sure how many I really need.  I may save the bases for some other things.  I love how the teams look on the big bases, and I'm really happy how they turned out.  I was planning on doing some fancy stuff with the big bases, but they look so nice as-is and I'd rather move on to other minis.


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