Friday, September 9, 2011

The Brothers Grimm

While I've had both of these dreadnoughts for years, I've only just transformed Brother Hamus from a Contemptor type, with both left and right close combat arms, to a Deredo type with a close combat arm and a missile launcher (yes, that is actually supposed to be a missile launcher.)

Brother Hamus Grimm on the left.  Brother Aldus Grimm on the right.

Brother Hamus, Deredo "Eddy" Dreadnought.
Close Combat Arm & Missile Launcher

Brother Aldus, Furibundus "Fury" Dreadnought
Close Combat Arm & Lascannon

I have a third dreadnought which I may strip and repaint as an Ultramarine (It's currently got Mentor colors, but I don't use my old minis for my Mentor army) but I've only got the close combat arms and I don't see a good choice for fielding a dreadnought with that weapon configuration. It also has literally two right feet. The left foot is actually a right foot surgically modified to fit, and it's not very slick at all.  I stole the missile launcher from it and repainted it for Hamus.

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