Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Dip

I don't think anyone likes stripping paint off miniatures.  It's a dirty, tedious, process.  Now, it's not without rewards.  When you pull a mini out of the dip (I'm using Simple Green, because I've got a big jug of it handy) and a big chunk of horrid paint job slides right off the thing, revealing clean metal underneath, it's a good feeling. You're bringing a dead miniature back to life, and when it's finished being repainted, it's extra special for the journey.

Ten old-fashioned Grey Knights getting a bath. 

Tonight's dip is a little different, however.  I'm stripping minis that, at least for me, have really good paint jobs. It's just that I have no use for them painted the way they are.  A few I'm selling, and stripped Dark Angels are worth a lot more than Dark Angels painted up in bright green and white (very non-standard colors, nobody would use them like that but me.) A few are being transferred from my Mentor army, where they'll never make it on to the field again, to my Ultramarine army, where they will be go-to units for years to come.  I don't need them green and white, I need them blue.  Into the dip for all.

I was proud of those paint jobs, and for the ones that I'm keeping, I'll be even more proud of their new colors when I'm done.  For the ones that I'm saying goodbye to, their new owner will appreciate them far more than I, but I do hope they get the new paint job they deserve.


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