Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heavy, Heavier, Heaviest


I'm almost finished mounting my heavy weapons teams on 60mm bases. Note the three unfinished ones in the back.
Rogue Trader era heavy weapons team. The 'helper' was originally a medic.

These guys can be added to my Valhallan squad but may find themselves in a heavy weapons squad.
Same Valhallan base, just from the rear.
That heavy bolter was scavenged from an old Imperial Robot. Kinda wish I still had the robot.

These guys are part of a command squad. 
This might be my favorite.


My "baby"
I've still got a Leman Russ and a Chimera on sprue, but I'm thinking I want to build something a little less vanilla with at least the Leman Russ.  I'm not sure which of the variants is coolest. I would hope none are "best".  Another plain Chimera would probably be handy, and I may put that together next.

I've got a couple more 60mm bases to transfer heavy weapons to, but I'm not sure how many I really need.  I may save the bases for some other things.  I love how the teams look on the big bases, and I'm really happy how they turned out.  I was planning on doing some fancy stuff with the big bases, but they look so nice as-is and I'd rather move on to other minis.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mentor Legion Scouts

Damn, Space Marine Scout minis are fiddly.  I want to paint 10 of them and even assembly-line style it's taking AGES. Too many pockets, pouches, and do-dads for my taste. The three I've (mostly) painted do look pretty sharp, though.  I'm getting my painting mojo back, finally.  I used to be a lot faster, though.

Sargent, Scout, and Scout with Heavy Bolter.  Scout (middle/back) had to have nose replacement surgery. Not a complete success.

The rest of the squad still needs a LOT of detail work.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Dip

I don't think anyone likes stripping paint off miniatures.  It's a dirty, tedious, process.  Now, it's not without rewards.  When you pull a mini out of the dip (I'm using Simple Green, because I've got a big jug of it handy) and a big chunk of horrid paint job slides right off the thing, revealing clean metal underneath, it's a good feeling. You're bringing a dead miniature back to life, and when it's finished being repainted, it's extra special for the journey.

Ten old-fashioned Grey Knights getting a bath. 

Tonight's dip is a little different, however.  I'm stripping minis that, at least for me, have really good paint jobs. It's just that I have no use for them painted the way they are.  A few I'm selling, and stripped Dark Angels are worth a lot more than Dark Angels painted up in bright green and white (very non-standard colors, nobody would use them like that but me.) A few are being transferred from my Mentor army, where they'll never make it on to the field again, to my Ultramarine army, where they will be go-to units for years to come.  I don't need them green and white, I need them blue.  Into the dip for all.

I was proud of those paint jobs, and for the ones that I'm keeping, I'll be even more proud of their new colors when I'm done.  For the ones that I'm saying goodbye to, their new owner will appreciate them far more than I, but I do hope they get the new paint job they deserve.


Tanks, but no Tanks

 Back in the Rogue Trader days, the only army that could really field tanks was the Space Marines with their Rhinos and their Land Raiders.  Imperial Guard had cheap troops, several varieties of alien and sub-human beasts, pyskers, robots, sentinels, and access to powerful characters in the form of commanders and inquisitors.  What they didn't have was tanks.  One of my favorite games of 40k ever was a 3rd edition game where my opponent's Chaos army loaded up with lascannons (and such) for an IG tank assault that never came. What he got instead, was a horde of humanity, armed with flashlights and sub-par armor.  He lost.
Eight squads of troopers (a few are missing, but not for long) - 80 lasguns can poke a lot of holes in enemy troops.


These guys used to be Stormtroopers. I'm not sure they still rate that title

Penal Legionnaires 

My original Command Squad. May need revisions to be 5th edition legal.

More Commanders (I'm not above looting from the normal squads to round out the Command units)

He's ready to give some orders.

Never retreat! (or else!)
Psykers - A real headache

Ogryn - Grrrrr!!!! Aaargh!!!!
Ratling Snipers - Get 'em guys!

Heavy Weapons 

Heavy Weapons - It's going to take some work to get these guys re-based into weapons teams. It's my next project.
Of course, I've got a bunch of tanks as well.  Little humans with flashlights are cute, but nothing beats heavy metal thunder! More to come!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ebay Mania!

I recently read, if you want ebay prices for your stuff, you've got to sell on ebay.  Okay, then.

I admit, I'll miss that tentacle arm.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Brothers Grimm

While I've had both of these dreadnoughts for years, I've only just transformed Brother Hamus from a Contemptor type, with both left and right close combat arms, to a Deredo type with a close combat arm and a missile launcher (yes, that is actually supposed to be a missile launcher.)

Brother Hamus Grimm on the left.  Brother Aldus Grimm on the right.

Brother Hamus, Deredo "Eddy" Dreadnought.
Close Combat Arm & Missile Launcher

Brother Aldus, Furibundus "Fury" Dreadnought
Close Combat Arm & Lascannon

I have a third dreadnought which I may strip and repaint as an Ultramarine (It's currently got Mentor colors, but I don't use my old minis for my Mentor army) but I've only got the close combat arms and I don't see a good choice for fielding a dreadnought with that weapon configuration. It also has literally two right feet. The left foot is actually a right foot surgically modified to fit, and it's not very slick at all.  I stole the missile launcher from it and repainted it for Hamus.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rogue Trader Ultramarines

No school like the old school.  The paint jobs are purposely designed to mimic the original style of Rogue Trader era Warhammer 40,000.   All of these squads are designed to be legal using the current 5th edition rules.

Captain, Librarian, Chaplain, Techmarine (not HQ, I know)

Command Squad



Fast Attack
Assault Squad #1

Assault Squad #2

Devastator Squad 
(Conversion-Beamer on the right is played as a Plasma Cannon.)

Tactical Squad #1 (w/Plasma Gun)

Tactical Squad #2 (w/Missile Launcher & Flamer)

Tactical Squad #3 (5-man)

Unfinished minis: Scout Squad, Dreadnaught (x2), Land Speeder, Bike Squad, Assault Bike


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reformed Mk VIII 'Errant' Tac Squad

The lack of special and heavy weapons options has forced me to rearm (literally, in some cases) my marine troopers.  Exchanged a flamer for a bolter on one and what used to be a lascannon marine is now the troop sergeant. That's a promotion, right?
The marine on the left, with the safety striping, used to carry a flamer.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Easy come, easy go.

Since I just bought some minis on Ebay, I decided I'd sell some as well.  Selling a big-ish box of (mostly) plastic Orks.


It has begun!

It's happened. I've won my first 40k eBay auction. Space Marine Scouts! WooHoo!

This is what they (should) look like:

They'll look mighty keen in the white and green!