Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trading Stock

There's no denying it. Games Workshop prices are utterly ridiculous.  If I had to buy any serious number of miniatures, I wouldn't even consider getting back into it.  Happily, I have TONS of minis, and I love trading.  Here's the 40k minis I have no attachment to at all.  I also have lots and lots of fantasy miniatures, both metal and plastic, as well as the random, odd, mini from other games.

Lord of Change (Rogue Trader Era Version)
Notes: The miniature is complete, and the paint job isn't primed or sealed so it's really easy to strip.

Pink Horrors (Old Style)
Notes: I love these guys.  Similar paint to the Lord of Change, easy to strip.

Chaos Hounds 
Notes: One is missing a head.

Chaos Terminator
Notes: Possibly my worst paint job ever. Not so easy to strip.

Chaos Dreadnought (Rogue Trader Era)
Notes: Previously painted and stripped. Complete.

Chaos Thing
Notes: Seriously, I have no idea what this is.

Chaos Marines
Notes: Five plastic Chaos marines with bolters, one metal one with a plasma gun. Half-painted in Black Legion style.

Chaos Marine Raptors 
Notes: Everything you need to build five.  Brand new, never painted, primed, or assembled. 

Genestealers (plus Magus)
Notes: These are the old style plastic (all the same pose). I already have a Magus exactly like this one, so I'd throw him in with any deal. 

Genestealer 'Familiars'
Notes: These are little tiny things.  No idea what anyone would do with them, but there they are.

Rogue Trader era Tyranid Warriors.
Notes: They're very much like modern termagaunts. These guys have been rattling around for years, and they are badly worn. They've been painted and stripped (maybe more than once.)

Harlequins (Rogue Trader era)
Notes: Five original style Harlequins. All primed and in various stages of painted-ness. I like these guys, and I gather there's rules for them again.

Eldar Guardians + Dark Reaper Exarch
Notes: The guardians are plastic, except one (the one on the right) They're in pretty bad shape.  The Dark Reaper has never been painted (because he was a stupid miniature.)

Eldar Weapon Sprues

An Eldar upper torso and head from a biker, plus six eldar flag pieces.  I have no idea what those are for, but I bet somebody, somewhere, could really use them. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Devastator Squad

I should have posted these images in groups of HQ, Elite, Fast Attack, Heavy, and Troops.  I may yet do that.  The last full squad that's table-ready is my Devastator Squad.

Devastator 'Squad 2'
90 Devastator Squad
15 Heavy Bolter
25 Plasma Cannon
25 Plasma Cannon
35 Lascannon

Total: 190pts

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Assault Squad 'Omega' 
100 Space Marine Assault Squad
15 Plasma Pistol
25 Power Fist

Assault Squad 'CA-1' 
100 Space Marine Assault Squad
15 Plasma Pistol
25 Power Fist

Tanks and Vehicles

This is my vehicle box. There's also a half-painted new-style Land Raider, but it's not photo-ready. One of its Twin-Lascannon pods was damaged (one cannon is completely gone) and I'm not sure what to do about that.  The rest of the vehicles are all ready to fight!

Fast Attack - Attack Bike 'Squad'
40 Attack Bike
10 Multi-Melta

Lascannon Predator
90 Predator
45 Twin Linked Lascannon Turret
60 Lascannon Sponsons

Land Raider (Old Style)
250 - Land Raider

Land Speed Squad 
100 Land Speeders (x2)
10 Heavy Flamer 
10 Multi-Melta

Rhino (Old Style)
35 Rhino
5 Dozer Blade

Mentor HQ Units

I seem to remember being able to use a lot more HQ back in 3rd edition.  Now I've got all these guys and no way to use most of them. Still, it's nice to have the variety when building new forces.

100 Space Marine Captain
3 Storm Bolter
15 Power Sword

100 Chaplain
15 Power Fist
15 Jump Pack

100 Librarian

100 Captain (Alternate)
15 Power Fist
10 Combi Flamer

Space Marine Medic (Command Squad not completed)

Techmarine (not HQ, but whatever.)

Mentor Legion 1000 pt Terminator Force

1000 Pt Army - Emperor's Hammer (985)

Army List: Ultramarine, Standard.

HQ - Librarian 'Magnus Starke'
100 - Librarian
30 - Terminator Armor w/ Storm Bolter

HQ - Chaplian 'Alexi'
100 - Chaplain
30 - Terminator Armor w/ Storm Bolter

HQ Total: 260pts

Troops: Tactical Squad 'Squad 1' 
90 SM Tac Squad
0 Chainsword

Troops: Tactical Squad 'Squad Omega' 
90 SM Tac Squad
0 Chainsword
Troops Total: 180pts 

Elite - Terminator Squad 'Squad O-1'
200 Terminator Squad
30 Assault Cannon

Elite Terminator Assault 'Squad A-1'
200 Terminator Assault Squad

Dreadnought 'Brother August'
105 Space Marine Dreadnought
10 Assault Cannon

Elite Total: 545pts

Army Total: 985