Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Circle of Life

You can't buy an army without breaking the bank.  Is that how it goes? Well, I have a fair number of extras so before I go crazy buying new(ish) minis, I figure I ought to pad the 'ol PayPal account.

In the incredibly unlike event a person reads this blog-post in the next 10 days, the items for sale are listed HERE.

Among the treasures for sale, some very old school Space Marines.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Necrons, old school of course.

I love metal minis.  I'm sure it's because I grew up with them, and the look and feel and weight all seem more 'right' than with any other common material.  I have grudgingly accepted plastic as the material used by GW. If metal isn't an option, plastic is certainly a better choice than resin, which was just always awful.

8th edition teaser article was about Necrons, I dug mine out.  My son has a proper Necron army, but these guys are mine.

The whole cadre.

Necron Lord (whatever they're called now) and four Immortals.

We're going to keep calling these 'Destroyers', because close enough.

A couple of these bases are resin casts, but it's so hard to tell which, it doesn't matter.