Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Necrons, old school of course.

I love metal minis.  I'm sure it's because I grew up with them, and the look and feel and weight all seem more 'right' than with any other common material.  I have grudgingly accepted plastic as the material used by GW. If metal isn't an option, plastic is certainly a better choice than resin, which was just always awful.

8th edition teaser article was about Necrons, I dug mine out.  My son has a proper Necron army, but these guys are mine.

The whole cadre.

Necron Lord (whatever they're called now) and four Immortals.

We're going to keep calling these 'Destroyers', because close enough.

A couple of these bases are resin casts, but it's so hard to tell which, it doesn't matter.

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