Monday, October 24, 2011


I love to brag, and dammit, I am getting great at painting the Ultramarine logo. Check it out.

The flash photo makes the colors all washed out, but I'm proud of those shoulder pads.

The blue-on-white one isn't perfect, but good enough for me.

Veteran Sargeant, Veteran, Veteran (Eagle), and Devatstator with Multi-Melta 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Battle Brothers!

I have discovered another Mentor Legion blog and I wasn't even looking for it!

Check out his sweet paint jobs. I'd kill (several Orks) to be able to paint the original Mentor logo this well:

Image used without permission, 'cause that's how I roll. 

I say, well done, sir!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ultramarines - Old Time Rock 'n Roll

Technically this is the Mentor Legion blog, so you'd think I'd post more Mentor Legion stuff. The truth is, I'm having too much fun collecting and painting UltraMarines.  I've done an inventory and discovered I'm very close to a complete collection of Rogue Trader era marine minis.  Close enough that I'm actively working to complete the collection.  One recent big addition was a set of nine pre-Rogue Trader marines.  It's not the whole set, but it's several new ones, and with the two from the line I already had, I now have more than a full squad of these very distinct marines. Even though it's not yet a full set (I've dupes of some and none of others in the line), it's still become my favorite squad in my collection.

The full squad 10+ marines, including the sarge.

The sarge is my favorite.

Look at those strange guns. We'll just call them all bolters.

I added a graphic (stripes, checks, shapes) to a few of the shoulder pads on the identical minis. I liked it so much, I added the designs to most of the squad. Each one a unique design and/or color scheme.

Heavy Bolter Marine.  Not the same style as the squad, but still very old. Note the green/white checkerboard pattern.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Magnificent Magnetics

In my Speeders post I had an unpainted Rogue Trader Space Marine Land Speeder.  Since posting that the speeder has been (mostly) painted, as you'll see.  Also since posting my first package of wee magnets has arrived from Hong Kong. I had never even heard of magnetizing miniatures until just the last few weeks, but now that I've seen what they're like, I can see the appeal. All that and it's pretty darn easy to do.

You can see the magnet  just above the red 'bottle' next to the marine seated on the right.  It's the silver disk. Originally there was a post  that was used to mount the weapon.

This was originally an Attack Bike Multimelta, but I've got lots of them and the  Speeder I bought was missing its weapon. They're the same, except I had to hack the mount off of this, which I wouldn't be using anyway.

I just pop that baby right on there like so...

And there it is.  The "green stuff" that's holding the magnet on the weapon isn't quite dry, so I can't paint it quite yet.

Here are my two speeders together. The one on the right has an old fashioned glued-on weapon.  Yuck!
I have a whole bunch of magnets, and from what I gather, other players go crazy magnetizing almost anything.  I bought three Imperial Guard Sentinels off Ebay and every little thing on them is magnetized. I'll may have to remove some of those for a sturdier model, but then again, maybe not.  It's clearly a great solution for a lot of situations.  I can't wait to find out what else might work.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The beginning. The very beginning.

I've decided I want to collect all of the 1st edition "Rogue Trader" Space Marine models and turn them into a playable modern 40k army. I'm already well on my way, with just a few holes to fill.  I just put a big dent in my missing minis list winning an auction of not just 1st edition mini's, but pre-1st edition minis. I have two of these guys already, so now i'll be able to field a full squad of 10.  YESSSSS!!!!

This is the eBay photo. I'll be stripping them and painting them Ultramarine.
I can't wait until they arrive.  I've never been happier about winning an auction, ever!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Speeders, Speeders, Speeders.

One of the worst miniatures in the history of Warhammer 40k is the original Rogue Trader Land Speeder.  So naturally, I have three of them. Painted up it looks ok, but the mold is bad so there's lots of flash, nothing fits together right, and it's just plain weird looking.  Usually I prefer the older stuff to new, but this is the one exception. Modern speeders (including the chunky 2nd version, which I don't have) are simply better.

My three old-time speeders.  The middle one was just completed today.

Space Marine Land Speeder. 95% completed. I'm going to copy the antenna that goes on the back so I have a second one for the unfinished speeder (pictured on the right, above.)

One version of the Genestealer Cult army list allowed them to have speeders.  Like this one, I would expect.

Even I have to admit, this is a much better model.