Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ultramarines - Old Time Rock 'n Roll

Technically this is the Mentor Legion blog, so you'd think I'd post more Mentor Legion stuff. The truth is, I'm having too much fun collecting and painting UltraMarines.  I've done an inventory and discovered I'm very close to a complete collection of Rogue Trader era marine minis.  Close enough that I'm actively working to complete the collection.  One recent big addition was a set of nine pre-Rogue Trader marines.  It's not the whole set, but it's several new ones, and with the two from the line I already had, I now have more than a full squad of these very distinct marines. Even though it's not yet a full set (I've dupes of some and none of others in the line), it's still become my favorite squad in my collection.

The full squad 10+ marines, including the sarge.

The sarge is my favorite.

Look at those strange guns. We'll just call them all bolters.

I added a graphic (stripes, checks, shapes) to a few of the shoulder pads on the identical minis. I liked it so much, I added the designs to most of the squad. Each one a unique design and/or color scheme.

Heavy Bolter Marine.  Not the same style as the squad, but still very old. Note the green/white checkerboard pattern.



  1. Nice work, and yes, awesome models.

  2. Oh man! RTB01 was so brilliant! Nice job on the old boys.

  3. Thanks! I'm super happy with them.