Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tanks, but no Tanks

 Back in the Rogue Trader days, the only army that could really field tanks was the Space Marines with their Rhinos and their Land Raiders.  Imperial Guard had cheap troops, several varieties of alien and sub-human beasts, pyskers, robots, sentinels, and access to powerful characters in the form of commanders and inquisitors.  What they didn't have was tanks.  One of my favorite games of 40k ever was a 3rd edition game where my opponent's Chaos army loaded up with lascannons (and such) for an IG tank assault that never came. What he got instead, was a horde of humanity, armed with flashlights and sub-par armor.  He lost.
Eight squads of troopers (a few are missing, but not for long) - 80 lasguns can poke a lot of holes in enemy troops.


These guys used to be Stormtroopers. I'm not sure they still rate that title

Penal Legionnaires 

My original Command Squad. May need revisions to be 5th edition legal.

More Commanders (I'm not above looting from the normal squads to round out the Command units)

He's ready to give some orders.

Never retreat! (or else!)
Psykers - A real headache

Ogryn - Grrrrr!!!! Aaargh!!!!
Ratling Snipers - Get 'em guys!

Heavy Weapons 

Heavy Weapons - It's going to take some work to get these guys re-based into weapons teams. It's my next project.
Of course, I've got a bunch of tanks as well.  Little humans with flashlights are cute, but nothing beats heavy metal thunder! More to come!


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