Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Worst Leman Russ (WIP)

I bought a Nova Cannon off of Ebay because it looked cool. I had no idea what it did (how bad could it be?) I'm pretty sure it's the worst turret weapon you can get for a Leman Russ tank.  Strength 6, ignores cover.

What else ignores cover? Flamers.

Let's do this thing.

Three Heavy Flamers and a Nova cannon. Assault this thing, I dare you.  
The paint looks better than this photo shows, and is obviously unfinished.

Honestly, I think it's a terrible configuration, but I've already got three Russ' so I decided I do something different with this 4th one.  Who knows, maybe it'll be more effective than I anticipate. I still think the Nova Cannon is cool looking.

Note: This is the old Leman Russ model, so magnetizing the weapons wasn't a realistic option. I had to chop the lascannon and sponson bolters off with an Xacto knife to fit the flamers on, and there wasn't enough left of the original weapons to save them. I may yet purchase other weapons for the hull and sponsons, pop off the flamers, and magnetize for a more flexible tank. Not sure it's worth it, but who knows.


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  1. The sad part about the nova cannon isn't it's ST or the ignoring cover...it's the sadness of AP4. (Does look cool, I'd agree)

    It's cousin, the Colossus, is S6 AP3 ignores cover. It makes marines piss their power armor. Alas, poor AP4 is just not effective for much. Well, the Tau don't like it maybe?

    I'd agree - this is the one LR turret I don't have for my army. Even the Punisher is at least fun due to Heavy20 and torrent fires. :)