Saturday, June 16, 2012

Necrons vs Mentor (spoiler alert: Necrons win!)

It's father's day weekend so I can do what I want.  It doesn't hurt that playing 40k is what I want and Alex is always down for a game.  I was eager to play with my new Command Squad and they did not disappoint.

I learned:

  • Apothecaries are very cool units. 
  • There is nothing bad about your Standard Bearer having a power fist
  • Lots of power weapons will kill Lychguard, even if they won't stay dead.

A battle report is way too much trouble.  We played capture and control with pitched battle set up and we both kept control of our objectives at the end of the game. We used units and characters eliminated as a tie-breaker. He defeated me my one 'point'.  It wouldn't have been close but I finished off both his Destroyers and his Wraiths on my last turn (the last half of the last turn!)

Here's some photos:

The game is ready to start.  Alex set up first, so he's starting.

There's the new Command Squad. As my newest unit, they were doomed from the start.

There's Brother August, my only Mentor Dreadnaught.

There's my two Tac Squads. Squad 1 is in the Rhino, 10 strong. Squad 5 was split into combat squads. Half guarding the objective (the yellow blob to the right of the building) and the other half joined with my Librarian would Gate of Infinity across the board to try and take the opponent's objective.

There's the Predator (all Lascannons all the time, thank you) and the two Land Speeders.

Alex has a wide assortment of Necrons.  Damn those Wraiths are creepy. We gotta get them painted, though.

The Wraiths stormed across the battlefield.  My land speeder's multi-melta took one out, but the remaining two took revenge on both speeders with relative ease. 

I kept killing his Destroyers and they kept coming back to life! Grrrr!

That yellow blob was Alex's objective. I never rooted the Immortals out, so he kept it at the end.


Techmarine with four Servitors. Not only did the Techmarine successfully repair my Dreadnaught's Assault Cannon, but tied up Alex's Wraiths for the entire game, eventually killing them. 

Tac squad attack! (Except for the five in the foreground. Their job was to defend.)

The Techmarine fixing the dread's broken assault cannot.

This is just after the speeders killed a wraith, and just before the remaining wraiths took out the speeders.

Necrons advancing through the center of the battlefield.  Imotek the Stormlord with his Lychguard.

My Command Squad was built for assault, so they too advanced towards the middle of the field to meet Imotek.

Alex's new spider. Not much impact this battle. 

There's Illuminor Szeras and his beefed up Immortals sitting on the objective (Alex rolled +1 strength for them. Meh.)

My Librarian and some marines about to climb up and take that objective (they didn't.)

It was a great game, with Alex winning by the slightest of margins.  If we followed the rules strictly, the game would have been a tie, but we hate ties.  With both objectives secured by each of us, Alex took out my Captain, the Command Squad, and Land Speeder squadron. I only managed to kill off the Lychguard and the Destroyers.  That gave Alex the advantage and the game.


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