Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh, Captain, My Captain!

Not only did I finish my Mentor Captain's new backpack and banner (which I don't love, but it's quite literally the best I can do) but I also managed to fully paint my Standard Bearer in a single evening, which is pretty good for me.  Pulled him out of his Simple Green dip at about 6pm and was hitting the finished mini with clear-coat at about 11pm.

Command Squad Complete!

The entire command squad, complete with banners and such!


Are you not inspired?

Nobody takes his banner away unless he wants them to.

I wish I could paint banners better. *sigh*

Warriors three. 



  1. What a cool Father's Day treat. I love that you run Mentor Legion. The Necrons seem to have gained a few nifty toys since the last time I looked at them.


  2. Indeed they have. Nothing a super-human defender of humanity can't handle, however.