Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rogue Trader Land Raider - First Contact

To be honest, I didn't actually finish the Rogue Trader Land Raider. I painted on it until the wee hours last night and into this morning and it's looks plenty good, but there's lots of rough details I'd like to get to before I call it finished.  No hurry now, and I'm itching to move on to my Imperial Guardsmen now (seems like I should make a Mentor Legion entry for this ML blog. Oh, well.)

Alex and I got down to the GW: Battle Bunker store and while we didn't make it in time to join the tournament. Probably for the best as neither of us are ready for that kind of competition.  We did get to play a more casual 1000pt per player special scenario.  Long story short, Alex's team won, my team lost, and we both had a terrific time.

My phone battery was dying (forgot to charge it last night) so I only got one photo.  Blurry and Alex's head jumped in front of the Land Raider.  Scenario: Imperials stand in the middle and hordes of chaos and aliens surround and massacre us. :)
Everyone I met today was super cool. Everyone.  Are gamers nicer than they used to be? The surliest person I encountered was a staff member, and he was just being professional. With 50+ gamers crowded around, I respect the professional tone as the correct communication style.

Anyway, Alex and I are signed up for the March tournament, so we'll be practicing up for that, both rules and strategy-wise.  It turns out I don't know, or mis-know, a lot of rules.  I'll be giving the rulebook a fresh review, for sure.


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