Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Big Dipper

I have two land raiders. One "Rogue Trader" style from way back in the day, and also one of the newer,bigger, Land Raiders. I like them both.  The older one is painted in the Mentor Legion white and green, and now that I have a modern LR for the Mentors, I'm keen to give my Rogue Trader Ultramarine army some old school Land Raider power.  The model, however, has already been painted at least twice, and has lost much detail in the process.  I can't paint it again without stripping it, something I've been nervous about doing. If I ruin it, I'll probably not be able to replace it.

One Mentor-style Rogue Trader Land Raider. Not a bad paint job, but I can do better.
This is the hard part.  

I'm hoping a couple of days in 25% Simple Green solution will be adequate.  I also hope I don't ruin my wife's Tupperware.

As with my other recent posts, it's my hope that I can get the Land Raider done in time for the 25th Anniversary event.

I'll post more as I strip and repaint it.


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