Monday, February 20, 2012

25th Anniversary Ultramarines

I'm a little freaked out by all this 25th anniversary business. Why? Because I was there when it all started.  Minis were hard to get in Seattle back then, and many never reached us (not until 2nd edition, anyway.)

Most of my Rogue Trader collection was gathered in the 90's once Ebay took off as a resource for these sorts of things. Also, GW was selling pretty much everything they'd ever made on their website back then, making collecting older stuff a snap.  It's a little tougher nowadays, but I've already got 90%+ of the Space Marine minis they made back then, and here they are.

The whole army. About 2000pts, depending on what Elites I select.

Terminators, plus a Terminator Captain (far left)

Two Land Speeders. I stand my opinion that these are the worst minis GW ever made.

The original Artificer Armor.

Top, Devastator Squad. Bottom, Tac Squad of the original Space Marine models.

Veterans. Each has Terminator Honors (except for the Plasma Gun guy.)

Assault Bike 

Assault Squad. Two squads, actually.

Devastator squad (Lascannon x2, Multimelta x2) and Dreadnoughts in the back. 

These last guys are orphans. They don't currently fit into any squads.



  1. Nope. There's two Techmarines and one RT Servitor perched on the ledge. They're on the left side, sort of above the Rhino. They are standing in front of the Dreadnought with the red face. Enlarge the first photo and you can sort-of see them.