Saturday, December 10, 2011


As I've mentioned, I'm playing with my son Alex.  I wanted him to have his own army and he chose Necrons.  Since a new Necron Code was (at the time) about to come out, I agreed it was an excellent choice.  The models have been arriving from eBay ever since.  This is the first batch Alex and I had to build ourselves. It was a LOT harder to assemble these plastics than I expected.  In the old days, assembly meant gluing some arms onto a single hunk of metal and sticking it on a base, if that.  These new kits are far trickier, including a lot of tiny, tiny, parts all requiring assembly.  I was surprised how difficult it was for us to assemble these guys, and even now weapons, heads and other parts keep popping off at regular intervals. The Lychguard in particular are very, very, fragile. That's just nit-picking because they look cool as hell.

The one on your right is holding its weapon backwards. I don't like it.  The Overlord is in the foreground.  The fact he came with the barge (in the back) was primary reason I bought the barge.  Well played Games Workshop, well played.
Alex is really gung-ho to paint them, so I expect it won't be long before they're on the battlefield.


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