Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Imperial Metal

I prefer metal figures.  I think it's just what I'm used to, because the quality of the modern plastics is quite high (as is the price.)  I like the weight in my hand, the heavier the better.  I prefer lead to pewter for exactly that reason.  I'm aware there are drawbacks with metal.  Slender items like antenna and swords tend to do better with plastic, for example.

As Alex's Necrons continue to accumulate, all plastic and Finecast (not a fan of that, either) my Imperial Guard have some brand new 'eavy metal HQ and Elites.

 The new guys. TechPriest (how cool is he?), Master of Ordinance, Astropath, and Officer of the Fleet. 

Bonus! The TechPriest came with four bases. Score!

I'm starting to fall behind with my painting, but Alex wants to get more Necrons painted, so we'll set aside some time soon.  I'll prime these guys ASAP, so they'll be ready for the next painting session.


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