Monday, April 22, 2013

Servitors from Ebay

I already had one Rogue Trader servitor, but all my others are 2nd-3rd edition pewter models. They are fine models, and they don't look too out of place with my Rogue Trader Ultramarines, but they didn't fit perfectly.  I've been wanting some more of the RT servitors, but the prices I'd seen on eBay were too high given that I already had plenty of perfectly good Servitors. Then these guys appeared...

The New Mechanics (Coming Soon)

Now that I've bought them, I'm actually quite excited. I've shied away from using Techmarines with my Ultramarines because the Servitors don't match the army. Once painted (though they look ok now) I'll be in a hurry to get them onto a battlefield with the rest of my beakies..

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